Pilgrim of Saint James. Stage 3 – 135 Km.

From Aldea del Cano (Cáceres) to Aldeanueva del Camino (Cáceres). 

We begin this 3ª stage of the Way of Saint James Route among olive groves and meadows until Casas de Don Antonio, at the height of the medieval bridge over the Ayuela river.
On the way to Aldea del Cano we will recover the Calzada, which runs parallel to the N-630, dotted with numerous milestones of the Roman legacy. Until Valdesalor, a rompepiernas route next to the dehesas of the Garabato (in the hillside of a small hill is the dolmen del Garabato) and of the Falsa. Little by little, the oaks spread more and more and the landscape becomes more arid.

The ascent to the port of Las Camellas, the only outstanding difficulty of the day, allows us to see Cáceres, a former Roman colony known as Norba Caesarina and founded in 35 a.C.

The exit of the city is done by the road that goes off right next to the Plaza de Toros, which we leave on the right, in the direction of Casar de Cáceres. After a steep slope, a long straight stretch of asphalt without trees opens up before us. After linking with a road, where we can find some areas with water or mud, we pass under the bridges of the highway and line another line that will take us to the entrance of the Casar.

We left next to the hermitage of Santiago. Ahead, several kilometers of flat and rectilinear route to enjoy the beautiful landscape, between stone walls and cattle farms. The Camino, sometimes a path, continues between walls and brooms, leaving behind several portelas.

Pilgrim to Saint James

On the shoulder of the N-630, we save the course of the Almonte and Tajo rivers, which form the extensive Alcántara reservoir. A path uphill that surrounds the hill Garrote allows you to see an excellent view of the reservoir and its surroundings. The profile becomes flatter and places us on a plateau from which we can see, in front, the Silleta peak. Cañaveral sits on the slopes of the sierra.

We climb, without loss, the 1,800 m of asphalt separating Cañaveral from the hermitage of San Cristóbal. Here begins the ascent to the port of the Castaños, whose hardest section is that of the firewall. The Camino continues between cork oaks and holm oaks, with the Calzada on our left, until we reach the Holguera road. From this section, which runs between fenced farms, the stage becomes flat, easy and predictable … but we must pay close attention to signaling.

We continue crossing portelas between meadows and down to the dam of Riolobos, the reservoir of Arroyo del Boquerón. The signage takes us to a junction where we take the detour to the left towards Galisteo. After a steep climb, we get an excellent panoramic view of the town and its rugged Almohad wall.

The medieval bridge over the river Jerte, from which we can admire a beautiful view of the town, begins more than 10 km of asphalt through the Alagón Valley, crossing the towns of Aldehuela del Jerte and Carcaboso.

Due to the great difficulty of the following section, the guides recommend that it be done following the road Carcaboso-Valdeobispo-Venta Quemada. We now walk the Cañada Real de la Plata, also known as the Vizana and coinciding with the layout of the Roman road.

Our arrival awaits one of the symbols of this Way. Impressive in its solitude, as if fallen from the sky and placed in a meadow in the Ambroz Valley, Cáparra’s quadriform arch has an attraction that is difficult to explain.

Following the Calzada, we passed several streams and portelas. By asphalted track on the Calzada, we arrive at the N-630. By bicycle, the guides recommend continuing on the national road until the first sale. With no more jumps or gates in sight, we continue through the Cañada Real de la Vizana. We passed under the highway and we lined up the straight until Aldeanueva del Camino.

Enjoy this 3ª stage of the Way of Saint James Route

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